Baranya County Crime Prevention Council has been established

To be more efficient the National Crime Prevention Council of Hungary would like to set up the network of the county crime prevention councils. The NCPC started building the network in Baranya county where the local government agency decided to support the initiative. Local authorities and stakeholders in crime prevention sat down to form the first county council as a pilot project.

The goal of the NCPC is to establish crime prevention councils in each Hungarian county within the next three years because they believe that local problems require local solutions. If the pilot project provides them useful experiences they will be able to create the protocol of the following councils. There is a functioning council inTolna county that has a different operating mechanism than the NCPC. They aim to create a sample that can be adopted in every county.

In the first period local authorities and stakeholders are going to create their own network and crime prevention strategy. In their meetings they will discuss the local issues and try to solve them together.

Right before the inaugural meeting of the council Mr. József Hatala, president of the NCPC presented and handed over a Mobile Crime Prevention Centrum to the Baranya County Police Headquarters. This specially fashioned and equipped minivan enables crime prevention experts to reach even the smallest settlements within the county.