Hungarian crime infectivity on an interactive map

In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) launched an application called Preventive Crime Statistic Repository (PRE-STAT) that is now available for citizens. By using the criminal, sociological, economical statistics, the app provides information about the criminal situation of the country. It shows which county has the most drunk driving cases, where is the highest number of theft, etc.

In 2012 the total amount of criminal offences in Hungary were 451 259 and this number lowered to 277 166 by 2016. From these only 47% counted as accentuated crimes (Trafficking in Human Beings, Drug Trafficking, Robbery, Extortion, Private Justice, Larceny of Motor Vehicle, Theft, Plundering, Vandalism, Homicide, Battery, Abuse of a Minor, Public Nuisance, Dealing in Stolen Goods). Theft was the most frequent crime with 78 296 cases in 2016.

From July 2018 the interrelated social and economic statistics are also available for the public through PRE-STAT. Visitors can create maps and graphics about the city, county or region by using these data.  

PRE-STAT is using the following data:                                            

  • Unified Statistical System of Investigations and Prosecutions
  • Crime Register
  • Resident Population Data, Vehicle Register, etc.

By mixing these databases, users can get a clear picture about the crime infectivity of the country. Since the website works with the recent statistics users can follow the seasonal changes of criminal tendencies. For example it can be seen that during summer the number of robberies rises around popular holiday destinations.


The website is user-friendly, after a quick registration, visitors can create spatial and temporal analysis, diagrams and maps only with few clicks. Some features are available only for police officers to help their work but in general, researchers, residents, municipalities can all profit from the site.