A love village to prevent crime


ÁGOTA FALVA hosted the third Crime Prevention Council meeting in 2021. The grandiose project aims to create a sheltered place for young adults who are in need. János Kothencz, the founder of the ÁGOTA Foundation, demonstrated the progress that they reached since 2018, from a plain area to a complex infrastructure which still has some room to improve to match the dream that they set. Several accommodations, plenty of filagorias had been constructed beside a fully renovated church: the amount of the work that they put in the project is enormous. Kothencz emphasized: this would not be possible without supporters, and volunteers, there is so much to thank them. With the support of the Crime Prevention Council the project got the experts, and the financial support to create the desired environment to help the young adults who are in need, and also to plant the seeds of crime prevention.   



The project has three phases, now it is in the first one which already shows tremendous progress. From a plain field to a liveable area, the area has been planted with hundreds of trees, and it has several construction sites including an innovative experiential pedagogy playground sponsored by the National Crime Prevention Council. In the final third phase (cca the end of 2022) the place will be able to host plenty of children’s camps, and it will also have a sheltered home in the facility. With the contributor’s and the volunteers' help the project will keep rising above expectations, and it keeps proving the fact that together everything is possible to help the ones who are in need, to keep their future bright. ÁGOTA Falva will be a place where they can heal their wounds in fate.