The NCPC contributes to the summer camp for children at risk

The Foundation for the Support of Children at Risk and in State Care is building a summer camp in Tas-Alsószenttamás for orphans and children who have been taken into care. At the moment there are only a newly built temple and five existing, but to be renovated house on the plot.

The National Crime Prevention Council financed the fencing of the property that is still waiting for some major reconstruction before it could welcome the children.

– ‘Installation of the plumbing system is now under progress.’ – said the director of the Foundation. – ‘Our goal is to build a complex that is able to host thousand kids who participate in our summer camps for two decades now.’


The Foundation doesn’t have enough money to cover all the expenses of the construction therefor they are seeking financial support through ‘brick-tickets’ which is a form of community financing. They also had patrons who donated building materials.