Outdoor Gym for Zugló!

In the recent times the sport facility of Zugló expanded with a brand new outdoor gym! The importance of sport and physical education has been proven many times therefor the National Crime Prevention Council does everything in its power to support these activities.

The Council contributed with half of the expenses of the investment which cost 10 000 000 HUF in total. At the opening ceremony Mr József Hatala, president of the NCPC gave a speech about the crime preventing aspects of sports.  

Mr. Kristóf Szatmáry, president of the Zugló Sport Club welcomed the project and expressed his gratitude for the support. He said that they were able to develop the sport facility within the past 4-5 years and the total amount they spent on investments in this period is around 300 000 000 HUF.  Mr. Szatmáry was delighted to find the NCPC as strategic partner besides the State Secretariat for Sport, Ministry of Human Resources. 

After the opening ceremony some of the club’s all-star sportsmen and their coaches were awarded. Among others Bálint Korpási, wrestler, Evelyn Verrasztó, swimmer, Krisztián Lovassy, cycler and Liza Pusztai, fencer, were honoured.