Safety. City. Community. - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Nowadays no one questions the fact that the correlation between the environmental conditions of a place and its safety is high. CPTED aims to promote the physical design of the communities in which humans reside and congregate in order to deter criminal activity and increase public safety.

The National Crime Prevention Council together with the Lechner Knowledge Center and KultúrAktív started a project in order to distribute the theory and principles of CPTED, to organise conferences, workshops and trainings for municipalities, universities, professionals and to spread the international good practices.

On the project opening conference participants heard about different aspects of the CPTED. There were lectures on environmental psychology, sociology, criminology, architecture and urban development. Mr. József Hatala, president of the National Crime Prevention Council, gave the opening speech in which he highlighted the priorities of the National Crime Prevention Strategy that includes urban safety.

The NCPC committed towards CPTED for a long time now and it pays special attention to its legal framework. However, to successfully implement the tasks laid within the Strategy the Council needs to cooperate with other professional stakeholders. The very first result of such cooperation is a book by Ákos Kara “Crime prevention through environmental design” supported by the NCPC and the Lechner Knowledge Center.