Shape your space 2. is coming

Thanks to the Shape Your Space project and the efficient usage of the CPTED principles, squares and parks are becoming safer and more appeal to the public in the 10th district. The successful project now extend even further, more squares and streets join the movement, and the National Crime Prevention Council is there to support the initiative. 

The international movement to reduce and prevent crime through urban design is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The initial idea arose through the writing of journalist Jane Jacobs (1961) who wrote that we can use physical environments to reduce crime.


In 2019, the renovation of the Sajó Sándor square proved that the safety that we created has its own charm to the public. We know this, thanks to the square’s  WiFi data, it has more visitors than ever. Because of the push of the district residents, the project expand forward including one of the train station, and another park which has connection to the Sajó Sándor square. After the opening conference at march 18th, and with the NCPC support, the mentioned area will be renewed lead by the CPTED principles at the end of may, 2021.