The number of victims of forced labour has been rising lately in the EU. The National Crime Prevention Council of Hungary (NCPC) has tried to reach out for those who endangered the most, the ones lacking qualification and knowledge of a foreign language.  Since the internet became the main platform of recruitment the campaign ran online too.

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In the recent times the sport facility of Zugló expanded with a brand new outdoor gym! The importance of sport and physical education has been proven many times therefor the National Crime Prevention Council does everything in its power to support these activities.

The Council contributed with half of the expenses of the investment which cost 10 000 000 HUF in total. At the… More »


As a next step of the cooperation between the National Crime Prevention Council and the University of Physical Education two colleagues of the Secretariat of the Council, Ms. Judit Diószegi and Mr. Jenő István Molnár, held a workshop for the lecturers of the University about the role of crime prevention in physical education and sports.

The colleagues of the Secretariat presented the results of the work of the previous two years on this field and gave the chance to the audience to interact. It turned out that the topic is… More »


Nowadays no one questions the fact that the correlation between the environmental conditions of a place and its safety is high. CPTED aims to promote the physical design of the communities in which humans reside and congregate in order to deter criminal activity and increase public safety.

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One of the tasks of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) of Hungary is to operate new models of crime prevention effectively and to cooperate and share good practices with foreign and international crime prevention organisations. For that reason the NCPC annually organise an international conference called “Science and Crime Prevention”. This year the event was held on 24th May 2018 in Budapest and welcomed… More »


The European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) launched a European prevention campaign on pickpocketing during mass events.


Through animation videos, the EUCPN and 25 EU states, including Hungary, aim to step up the fight against this crime by warning and informing citizens on how they can protect themselves.The campaign #Protect Your Pocket, is financed by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union. It includes… More »

The biggest Crime Prevention Festival Budapest has ever seen!

This year we decided to dream big for the annual police and fireman day. The NCPC built a crime prevention village within the festival with the help of the crime prevention departments of the Police to get the attention the topic deserves.

Besides the departments of the counties, the National Police Headquarters and the Hungarian Prison Service also helped us to make crime prevention a factor in the event. We had interactive games, giant bouncing castle and many colourful programmes that attracted both kids and adults.

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National Crime Prevention Council’s presence in the Police News/Cop Magazine

16 pages in the spring edition of the Hungarian Police’s newspaper, Cop Magazine, are dedicated to introduce the work of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Readers can get information and inside scoops about the programmes, trainings, new and innovative projects of the Council and can learn more about the use of art and theatre on the field of… More »

The tales written by our colleague, Ms Judit Diószegi

Out of 18 national projects the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) program won the 4th place at the Best Practice Conference organised by the Estonian Presidency of EUCPN. The aim of the annual conference is to exchange crime prevention best practices around the EU under the auspice of the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA).

Last year’s theme was Cyber Safety in which topic Hungary submitted a national project called „Fables of Crime Prevention - Tales of Forest-town”. The tales about computer security risks and the dangers of internet were presented by Ms Fruzsina… More »