According to point a) of section 2 of Government Resolution No. 1087/2011 (April 12) on the National Crime Prevention Council, the task of the National Crime Prevention Council is to develop and submit to the Government the draft of a new national strategy for crime prevention, taking into account the latest scientific findings. Accordingly, a comprehensive policy strategy has been developed, which, considering the current Hungarian and international situation as well as foreseeable future trends, defines legislative, organizational development, training, and awareness-raising tasks for the next ten years, as well as opportunities for promoting comprehensive societal action in the field of crime prevention.

The developed Strategy is based on the consensus of domestic crime prevention actors. The intervention areas of the new Strategy are as follows:

Environmental development, which includes not only situational and architectural measures but also formal control and community crime prevention. The aim of intervention in this area is to reduce opportunities for crime, including the development of the built environment, property protection, and prevention of seasonal crimes.

Education, aiming to impart a preventive mindset, reduce risk factors in children's lives, increase resilience through strengthening protective factors, and develop the competencies of children, parents, and professionals. Intervention in this area includes child and youth protection, complex family protection, prevention of victimization, perpetration, and re-offending, professional training, as well as the development of a renewed knowledge base and methodological toolkit.

Horizontal measures encompass comprehensive, cross-pillar interventions that simultaneously target all three aspects of crime: the perpetrator, the victim, and the opportunity for crime. This includes the establishment and operation of county-level crime prevention councils, support for crime prevention projects, the establishment of effective communication, and the national representation of the European Crime Prevention Network.

In addition to the Strategy, the Action Plan for the National Crime Prevention Strategy for 2024-2025 has been prepared, which defines tasks necessary for the successful implementation of the Strategy's objectives over a two-year period.