NÚSZ and NBT cooperates against traffic victimization

The National Toll Payment PLC (NÚSZ) and the National Crime Prevention Council sharing effort for a safer hungarian public road network. Mr.Tamás Bartal, the chief executive of NÚSZ, and Mr. József Hatala, the president of NBT officially met and agreed on the matter, as well as signed the document of cooperation. In the future best practices, knowledge and lead courses will be share for a safer country. 







The National Crime Prevention Council and the VOLÁNBUSZ Transport Company Ltd. join together for a safer country

With shared workshops, trainings, and conferences VOLÁNBUSZ and the NBT aim for a shared goal: a safer environment for the passengers, the bus drivers, and for everyone who are waiting in a bus stop all around the country. In april the 15th  Mr. Zoltán Pafféri the President and CEO of Volánbusz Zrt. and Mr. József Hatala, president of the National Crime Prevention Council signed a Cooperation Agreement on this matter. 

Shape your space 2. is coming

Thanks to the Shape Your Space project and the efficient usage of the CPTED principles, squares and parks are becoming safer and more appeal to the public in the 10th district. The successful project now extend even further, more squares and streets join the movement, and the National Crime Prevention Council is there to support the initiative. 

Summer ending football cup and live concert at Tarnaméra

As a shared effort, the Hungarian Crime Prevention Council, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta and the local authorities launched a complex crime prevention project at Tarnazsadány, Sárkeresztúr and Tarnaméra. The project aimed two age groups, between 8-12 and 12-15 competed each other in a  seasonal football cup. Beside the sport activities, thanks to the initiative called Szimfónia a concert was held also, introducing their musical improvement of the young ones.


Pitbull Kamilla - an alternative attempt to reach the youth in theatre

The unique approach to the bullying issue through a dramatic play was co-produced by the Láthatáron Csoport and the Pro Progression Egyesület. Originally the play will be played exclusively for high school students, but for this two occasion the play was reachable for the wide public in the 26th and the 27th of February. The main idea was to actively interact with the audience, demolish the “fourth wall”, and invite the viewer over the passive spectator role to an active story forming attitude.