Kőbánya’s first escape room The (V)ÉSZJELZÉS has been armed

Funded by the National Crime Prevention Council, the very first escape room - designed and based  on the experiential education and with the crime prevention philosophy in mind -  has been opened for the youth and families at Kőbánya’s prominent street, at Újhegyi sétány. 

Dr. Hatala József, the head of the National Crime Prevention Council emphasised in his opening speech, that the most powerful way to spread the knowledge of the crime prevention is through games, and the (V)ÉSZJELZÉS escape room is a good example of it.

The biggest Crime Prevention Festival Budapest has ever seen!

This year we decided to dream big for the annual police and fireman day. The NCPC built a crime prevention village within the festival with the help of the crime prevention departments of the Police to get the attention the topic deserves.

Besides the departments of the counties, the National Police Headquarters and the Hungarian Prison Service also helped us to make crime prevention a factor in the event. We had interactive games, giant bouncing castle and many colourful programmes that attracted both kids and adults.

We won the 4th place in Tallinn!

Out of 18 national projects the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) program won the 4th place at the Best Practice Conference organised by the Estonian Presidency of EUCPN. The aim of the annual conference is to exchange crime prevention best practices around the EU under the auspice of the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA).