The European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) and Best Practice Conference (BPC) took place on 8 and 9 December 2021. The theme was bullying and violence among minors (both online and offline).


Hungary won the 2021 ECPA contest with the project "Ask for help!

The main objective of the Ask for help! project is to raise awareness on the seriousness and extent of bullying behaviour, as well as the harm it can cause towards the victims, perpetrators and… More »



ÁGOTA FALVA hosted the third Crime Prevention Council meeting in 2021. The grandiose project aims to create a sheltered place for young adults who are in need. János Kothencz, the founder of the ÁGOTA Foundation, demonstrated the progress that they reached since 2018, from a plain area to a complex infrastructure which still has some room to improve to match the dream that they set. Several accommodations, plenty of filagorias had been constructed beside a fully renovated church: the amount of the work that they put in the project is enormous. Kothencz emphasized… More »


The National Toll Payment PLC (NÚSZ) and the National Crime Prevention Council sharing effort for a safer hungarian public road network. Mr.Tamás Bartal, the chief executive of NÚSZ, and Mr. József Hatala, the president of NBT officially met and agreed on the matter, as well as signed the document of cooperation. In the future best practices, knowledge and lead courses will be share for a safer country. 







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At the primary school of Tiszabő a special crime prevention exhibition was held for kids. The program included a how to take care of your dog program too. The whole program is gravitating around crime prevention, enhancing the importance of the well spent free time, group activities, like sport training, or instrumental music playings with friends. The main idea behind the program series is basically a well spent free time is not just good for you, its also a real benefit for your community in a sense of avoiding crime.


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A complex campaign with remarkable achievements was accomplished at Hévízgyörk thanks to the subsidy of the National Crime Prevention Council.

The project also covered a program about the "drawing on the right side of the brain" campaign which also includes many courses enhancing creativity and artistic confidence in youth communities. The campaign of Hévízgyörk also included a lecture series about crime prevention. As a part of the successful campaign the Hévízgyörki Petőfi Sándor Primary School’s roof level was not just renovated but also… More »


On May 26th 2021, the Csongrád-Csanád County Crime Prevention Council was founded in Szeged. With Csongrád-Csanád, Baranya and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén counties there are now three Crime Prevention Councils functioning in a county level in the country. Mr. József Hatala was elected as president, and László Kiss-Rigó and Ms. Tünde Juhász as co-presidents by the council. The county council's main aims are to protect the youth from crimes and to prevent the act of crime with campaigns, courses, as well as sharing knowledge and giving insight into the consequences of crimes in our society.

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Two new multifunctional service spots were given to the cyclist community around the Lake Balaton, one in Gyenesdiás and one in Balatonfűzfő. The service spots were emerged thanks to the broad cooperation of the National Crime Prevention Council and the County Police Headquarter of Veszprém.

The service spots include tools, a hand pump, and many tips on how to keep your bike in a good condition for the sake of your own and for everyone else's safety. The aim is to eventually create more service spots for the cycling community around the Lake Balaton and the… More »


The National Society of Student and Youth Journalist and the National Crime Prevention Council held their first Big Crime Prevention Quiz in a virtual studio due to the pandemic state in the country. With two age groups and more than 17.000 filled quiz the event was a great success.

In the 14-18 category winner was Bálint Gábriel, and the 19-22 category winner was Török Bertram. The prizes were given by Edit Gratzer-Sövényházy, The National Crime Prevention Council’s Head of Department, and István Kecskés, the president of DUE with the vice president of DUE, dr… More »


The National Crime Prevention Council invited entries for two competitions: name as “Online-ból JELES!” and “Mutasd Magad!” Both competitions were announced at the Hungarian Crime Prevention Day, April the 12th. 

Online-ból JELES!” (transcripted to english as A+ for online!) was a country wide competition, where students, parents, and also colleges could nominate the most efficient, and the best  teachers from the local primary and highschool. The whole campaign was all… More »


With shared workshops, trainings, and conferences VOLÁNBUSZ and the NBT aim for a shared goal: a safer environment for the passengers, the bus drivers, and for everyone who are waiting in a bus stop all around the country. In april the 15th  Mr. Zoltán Pafféri the President and CEO of Volánbusz Zrt. and Mr. József Hatala, president of the National Crime Prevention Council signed a Cooperation Agreement on this matter. 

Mr. Zoltán Pafféri emphasized choosing VOLÁNBUSZ as an alternative traveling option is still the safest in Hungary. Although atrocities in the… More »