Crime prevention with the power of music

At the community centre of Csepel  orphans and members of the Child Protection service at the age 13-17 intrduced themself, and their musical development thanks to the National Crime Prevention Council’s project the “A zene az kell…”.

The program was devised in 2014 by the County of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Police Crime Preventing Department. The musical gala, directed by Márta Schermann gave the opportunity for all the local youth workshops to show their progress and all the new pieces what they learned through the program. The exhibition was also the peakpoint of the ART-RAVALÓ project managed by Subjective Values Foundation and Factor Terminal Association. The project is a socio-art project for young adults who are disadvantaged or raised in child protection. The young people involved in the project received nine months of art and career training in adult education.