National Crime Prevention Council’s presence in the Police News/Cop Magazine

16 pages in the spring edition of the Hungarian Police’s newspaper, Cop Magazine, are dedicated to introduce the work of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Readers can get information and inside scoops about the programmes, trainings, new and innovative projects of the Council and can learn more about the use of art and theatre on the field of National Crime Prevention Council’s presence in the Police News/Cop Magazinecrime prevention.  A new series of the Council called ‘The Logic of Crime’ - that is about to debut on television - is presented on the pages of this issue. After an interview with the president of the Council, Mr József Hatala, readers can gain information about the latest application of the NCPC called „Házőrző”. This program consists of a 3D game, a test which assesses the safety level of our property and also of a notebook about the protection of our home containing the most important information on the topic. Speaking of property safety,  Hungarian singer and comedian András Hajós gives the readership an update on the topic on pages 11-12.

“Re-akció” - the most popular event of the Council, that has been invited to more than 20 schools thanks to its spectacular show, has also gained some columns besides the articles of our theatre projects. For those who are keen to find the link between tales and crime prevention I suggest to read the interview of our colleague, Judit Diószegi. If you are interested in hearing about The School of Future, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and many more, do not hesitate to get one piece for yourself! For more information meet us on the annual police and firefighter’s day!